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Five years on from his last studio album, ‘Living on the Edge of Time’, French producer extraordinaire Yuksek has announced the release of his third studio album, entitled ‘Nous Horizon’.

Speaking about the album’s long gestation period, Pierre-Alexandre Busson said: “It took me 4 years to find the drive to record a new album, during which I fed off new encounters with musicians, artists but also stage and film directors.

“All this led to a change in the way I worked, or at least in the way I envisioned my work. I wanted to reconnect with what influenced this project from the beginning, forge collaborations with people I crossed paths with during the past few years and engage an authentic artistic dialogue.

“With ‘Nous Horizon’, I tried to go back to the essence of things. My own musical culture and classical background as a pianist often leads me to look for complex harmonies and I did not renounce anything in this album. I wrote the music I love, between soul, electro disco and indie-pop.”

Ahead of the album’s release, which is scheduled for a January 20, you can watch the video the album’s first single, ‘Sunrise’, below.

“We shot the video of Sunrise in Los Angeles last September using the Californian hackneyed clichés, the palm trees, the vintage car, the pool, the house shaped in an “A”…” explains Busson.

“While telling a love story out of the ordinary. Our lovers are far from being canons of beauty and, their way of life, this food orgy, is not exactly in the current standard of healthy living, and this is the paradox, they are nevertheless beautiful and happy. My ghostly presence in the video appeared to us to be the perfect evocation of this track history, of an imaginary love, a fantasy presence.”

Yuksek’s ‘Nous Horizon’ is out January 20 via Partyfine / Sound of Barclay.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.