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Michael Mayer has been around for decades, his career includes four albums, 23 EPs, nearly 170 remixes, hundreds of shows, and he’s one of the founders of the mighty Kompakt Records.

Joe Goddard, of course, is a member of the group Hot Chip. Yes, the Hot Chip, whom have sold millions of records worldwide as well as been smash hit across the world.

These two talented beings have joined forces to create an epic and beautiful release that will chill you to your inner core. ‘For You’ has a radio-friendly feel to it, but certainly sticks close to its deep house roots – a single that makes you want to return again and again.

‘For You’ is the second single from Mayer’s new album entitled ‘&’. The amount of talent that has worked on this album beyond Joe Goddard is insane. Hopefully we get one more teaser off the album before this week’s release – and if not, hold onto your hats because ‘&’ will blow you away.

Words by Chad Downs.

Michael Mayer’s ‘&’ is out October 28 via !K7 Records.

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