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After his more deep and 90s inspired releases of the past year, Tensnake has released a new and bouncy track that could easily have come straight from a 70s disco record.

The Freundchen EP (which means Friend) will soon be a classic. Just like ‘Coma Cat’, it’s summery and vibey, ‘Freundchen’ is the ideal track to play at home when you are getting ready for a night out. Something that is sure to get you dancing.

The second track ‘Tazaar’ is something I imagine you’d hear at a party on an island with the sun setting over the ocean as you  enjoy the moment with a fresh cocktail. ‘No Fool’, however, is a song that’s perfect for the early hours in a club with the last few people witnessing the best moment of the night.

I’m sure you will hear at least one of this tracks at the club regularly the coming months.

Out now.

Words by Frédéric Paulussen.

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