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More commonly known as 1/2 of UK production duo Psychemagik, the now LA-based Tom Coveney is back with an underground gem via his alter ego, Thomas Banks. Only the third of his releases via his new moniker, ‘Speedball’ is the quintessential after-hours dancefloor destroyer.

The techno sound and genre is a hit or miss with most people. The average person likely isn’t bumping grinding techno and bass in their headphones while at work – I can hardly see how that would be productive. But when you’re a few drinks deep, in the middle of a dark dancefloor enhanced with Funktion-1 sound… it’s impossible not to marvel at the beautiful simplicity behind minimalistic techno.

The pounding bass and repetitive structure are paired with one intention in mind – to make you move. ‘Speedball’ caught my attention because it did more than that for me. Full-disclaimer, I AM blasting this in my headphones at work but it also whisked me back to 09’, where I had my 22-year old blown by Len Faki’s Podium remix of Dustin Zahn’s ‘Stranger to Stability’. That track remains one of my favourites of all time but the new joint from Thomaas Banks is surely giving it a run for its money.

Speaking about the track, Banks said: “Speedball is a cover of the theme track to Speedball2, an old Amiga game release in 1990. As a kid I played it all the time and loved its music, so its got a real sense of nostalgia for me.
Since starting this project I’ve been delving back to influences like this and experimenting and seeing where it takes me. The original was about 130+bpm so I’ve dropped it way down to get some drug chug back!”.

Words by David H Kim.

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