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Robotaki has been around for quite a while now – but despite his somewhat patchy output he’s managed to notch up a bevy of genre-spanning remixes for the likes of Miami Horror, Empire of The Sun and Chilly Gonzales to name just a few.

Music isn’t the only thing Preston Chin occupies his time with though, his somewhat patchy output is actually due to him finishing his Masters thesis in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University.

So, essentially, he makes funked-up disco of the highest calibre and might one day come up with a cure of Alzheimer’s disease* – kinda makes you wonder what his music could be like if he focussed 100% of his time on it.

His latest, ‘Ghostboy’, pops and fizzes with razor-sharp melodies and gooeys basslines that are wrapped around Claire Ridgely’s airy vocals, and the contrast between those, and the noodling jazz-y notes just below the surface, makes his debut on Majestic Casual nigh on perfect.

Roll on the EP.

*he probably won’t

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.