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Riton’s ‘Rinse and Repeat’ is a bonafide hit. It’s always on the radio in the UK at the moment (they’ve literally rinsed and repeated it), and just when you thought it might be beginning to peak – it’s already 5 months old and hasn’t even been released yet – there’s now a slew of remixes on the way.

First up is Busy P and Boston Bun, which means Riton’s boss is remixing one of his employees with the help of his new BFF, Mr Boston Bun, who is neither from Boston or sells buns.

What they do is add a quirky house spin to what is already a pretty quirky track, making it tres quirky. Naturally Kah-Lo’s vocal is left largely intact, because, well, that’s the best bit, as P&B offer up a more straight-laced, considered version of the original.

Word on the street is Alex Metric might have remixed it too.

Pre-order the original here.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.