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The first lady of Bromance Records Louisahhh has just released a new EP, ‘Shadow Work’, and you can now stream one of the tracks, ‘Change’.

Louisahhh’s calling card is grizzly techno set against her meandering, androgynous vocals, and ‘Change’, for our money, is probably the best example of this intoxicating juxtaposition.

Speaking about the EP, Louisahhh said, “‘Shadow Work’ is a term used in Jungian psychology to describe ‘sub personalities’, or the darkest parts of ourselves, that get pushed beneath the surface, into the subconscious, as a coping mechanism. The tracks of the Shadow Work EP are about exposing and integrating these parts; healing the shadow, letting the darkness be a source of power.”

As well as a new EP, Louisahhh is starting a label, RARR, alongside Maelstrom, which is described as a “label curating and celebrating true pioneers in the realm of techno”.

Out now via Bromance Records.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.