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Grum’s second album ‘Human Touch’ is an odd situation, it was ready to be released last summer, we even had the promo and then for some reason it was delayed, and then delayed again, and now, well – we don’t really know.

According to the producer’s Soundcloud it’s going to be released in “2015”, so with that in mind, the Leeds-based producer has lined up a new track in the form of ‘Sunday Blue Sky’.

It’s the perfect example of the sound Grum is trying to champion with the album and previous singles ‘The Touch’ and ‘The Theme’;┬áprogressive house with a modern touch. Quite a departure then from the seat-of-your-pants electro-disco he made a name for himself with his debut album ‘Heartbeats’.

Think Orbital mixed with the Chems with a pinch of Prydz and that’s ‘Sunday Blue Sky’ – a sort of e-fuelled trip down memory lane on a crisp Sunday morning, if you will.

The release is coming out March 23 with remixes from Petar Dundov and King Unique.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.