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Etienne de Crécy has detailed his forthcoming third Super Discount album which has been given an official release date of January 15.

The album features a veritable smorgasbord of collaborative talent including Dave & Pos (De La Soul), Baxter Dury, Tom Burke (Citizens!), Madeline Follin (Cults), who features in today’s track, Kilo Kish and instead of producing the album, Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud.

Style-wise the album has more in common with Super Discount 1 than 2, and sees de Crécy aiming for a more funky spin on his much-love album moniker.

You can listen to a new track below which was unveiled today and features Madeline Follin (Cults) on vocals surrounded by panpipes and gluey basslines.

It’s basically EPM. (Electronic Panpipe Music)

If you preorder now you get instant downloads of ‘Hashtag My Ass‘, ‘Night (Cut The Crap)‘ and ‘You‘.

Étienne de Crécy presents Super Discount 3 Tracklisting:-
1.   Night (Cut The Crap) 05:20
2.   You ft. Madeline Follin (Cults) 03:34
3.   WTF ft. Pos & Dave (De La Soul) 03:34
4.   Hashtag My Ass 03:09
5.   Smile ft. Alex Gopher 04:32
6.   Sunset ft. Tom Burke (Citizens!) 04:08
7.   Amazing ft. Julien Delfaud 04:03
8.   Follow ft. Kilo Kish 03:33
9.   Love 04:18
10. Family ft. Baxter Dury 04:05
11. WTF (beta instrumental) 03:58 (iTunes bonus)
12. Sunset (beta instrumental) 04:54 (iTunes bonus)

Andrew Rafter

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