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Sharooz is about to make his debut on Belgian imprint Lektrolov, with his acrid techno EP ‘Termvins‘. Having had releases on Club Mod, Bedrock and GND, Lektroluv seems like a perfect fit for the London-via-LA producer, who has built a reputation for no-nonsense analogue bangers over the years.

Following the footsteps of fellow night walkers like Gesaffelstein, Djedtronic and Maelstrom, Sharooz showcases two differing interpretations of throbbing electro-tinged techno.

Termvins‘, the single’s a-side, is uncompromising hammer horror inspired techno whilst ‘Dune‘ goes the other way; it’s sparser, more considered – but equally as enthralling.

Terminvs‘ and the b-side ‘Dune‘ offer a glimpse into the producer’s long-awaited debut album which is expected later this year.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.