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Martin Dubka first burst onto our radar after his excellent production work on Tyson’s debut album, since then the former bass player has signed to Aeroplane’s Aeropop and is about to release debut EP via Vito De Luca’s fledgling label.

Alongside his productions, Martin also performs a unique modular live show which sees the Londoner roll up to a club with what looks like a homemade bomb and plays a completely improvised live show.

“‘Deathwish’ was an instant classic to me”, explains Vito De Luca. “The simplicity and efficiency of the bass line got me within the first seconds, even before the hypnotizing vocal came in. Bass is really important to Martin, he is a bass player after all, and you can tell when listening to Eumenides, with its huge bass riff carrying you through the track.”

Check out the video below for ‘Deathwish‘ which features the infamous Alan The Dancing Misanthrope at XOYO, and check back next week for interview with Dubka.

Out March 31.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.