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Vito De Luca is prepping the third release from his newly formed label Aeropop – it’s a collaboration between De Luca and Bot, formerly of Crooker’s fame, under the name of Beateria.

The track ‘Country Business’ is balance between Vito’s analogue disco and Bot’s more abrasive electronic palette, with the resulting track finding a common ground at Belgian new-beat.

Speaking about the track, Vito De Luca said: “Me and Bot had a little time in the studio together to make some music, amongst other things. One of the tracks we made ( Yes, this is a hint that there are more coming… ) is called “Country Business”. Definitely influenced by Belgian New-Beat, which I worship, we managed to meet in the middle of our genres and make something that both of us can relate to yet sounding different than anything me or him ever did. So if you like New-Beat and 808…”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.