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After a slight break, our weekly interview feature, Introducing, returns with a quick chin-wag with London-based duo Punks Jump Up. We grill David and Joe about how they met, how they managed to persuade Chromeo to lend their talents to their 2012 hit Mr Overtime, and we get the duos thoughts on EDM.

HBF: How did you meet each other – was it producer love at first sight?

We met in London when David just moved there from Sweden. Maybe it wasn’t producer love (love that phrase haha !)  but we joined on a mutual love of all music that made us tick and inspired us. To be honest it could inspire us on a visual level as much as musical. It all goes hand in hand as far we’re concerned. We loved disco as much as we loved punk rock & house & dance music. We started putting on parties together in east London & we played an insane schizo combination of music we liked but it worked. People got it. After a while we realised there wasn’t enough contemporary music that sounded like what we wanted so we decided to make our own music. We carried on putting on parties, started our own record label, Cassette records and started producing our own stuff. First HUGE moment was when James Murphy totally unexpectedly dropped our first track “Be You” at Sonar in Barcelona to thousands of people. We kinda realised we were doing something right !!!

HBF: So explain the name Punks Jump Up, were you punk fans many moons ago?

Yeah definitely. But punk is merely an attitude than a musical style. Punk rock, as much as we love it, is really quite limited as far as musical experimentation goes. But it’s a catalyst in the spirit of “you can do anything” and the fact that the idea you got is as important as the actual finished article and also music should be FUN! It’s when you start mixing it up with other genres it gets interesting. When we started around 10 years ago the music scene was incredibly vibrant with all your Peaches “electro clash” & early DFA stuff going on. Very inspiring indeed !! It felt like suddenly everything we loved in music came together.

HBF: So last year you release Mr Overtime, how did working with Chromeo come about ? Are there any plans for more collabs in the future?

We’ve always been big fans of Chromeo of course! We had this more or less finished track that needed a good vocal. We could always hear Dave1’s voice on it & luckily a friend of ours, Bjorn Yttling,  (bass player of Peter Bjorn & John and stellar producer of artists like Lykke Li) knew Chromeo and sent them the track. Dave1 and P Thug declared the track “dope” and agreed to do it. NICE! We’re well happy how it turned out to say the least. We also released a collab track with boss producer Martin Dubka & amazing singer Saint Saviour at the end of last year called “Feels Good” which we’re super happy with too. We’ve got tons of collab tracks in the works, we’re working hard in our lab finishing them all. Don’t wanna give away any names but there are some really exciting things in the works!!!

HBF: You’ve been reasonably quiet of late, would it be fair to say you’re working on new music? What can we expect from now until the end of the year?

See above reply! Well, last year we did 12 remixes & 3 releases in our name so we kinda pushed our name out there quite a bit so we though we’d work on our own stuff for a while but also to do the occasional remix. I mean we can’t say no when Bryan Ferry asks us to remix Don’t Stop The Dance can we haha?

Apart from the colabs we also got a few proper club tracks coming out so we’re doing a more club/dance orientated EP around October/November. Before that we will also release a freebie original track to keep everyone sweet =). We also got a collab project with a very distinguished production duo in the works which should hopefully see the light of day before the end of year. Watch this proverbial space !!

HBF: You’ve always made a wide range of styles and intensities for you music – do you get tired of genre and styles easily?

We don’t get tired of musical styles at all we just like to experiment and try new things. Life’s too short to get stuck in one specific style for too long, saying that we’d like to think there is a specific “PJU sound” that people can recognise and we don’t sound too schizo. We always wanna keep our music fun and party (yes!) but also take peeps for a bit of a ride haha =)

HBF: If you could collaborate on a track with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Woah! That’s some question. We could say David Bowie or Prince or whatever but what do you with artists of that ilk without completely bricking it ? Saying that we would still sooo totally do a track with above mentioned legends, something to tell the grand children right..?! In regards to contemporary artists we’d love to do something with a band like Haim cause we love their stuff and vocals. It’d be great to do something with artists from different genres too, that’s when things start to get interesting!!

HBF: The great EDM debate seems to be kicking off even more so this summer – what are you thoughts, is it here to stay of just another fad?

EDM? Well that definition, obviously, is a bit naff isn’t it? Electronic Dance Music has been around since the dawn of the electric guitar or the synthesiser so it feels kinda irrelevant. Still wanna say that if any youngster gets inspired to start making music because he or she has heard SHM or similar and then eventually gets to produce amazing & groundbreaking music then it’s all good. You gotta start somewhere right? Looking on it from the other angle, if any EDM type track annoys anyone so much to start creating amazing music as a counteraction then that is as good. Anger is an energy as good old John Lydon said !

HBF: Which up-and-coming producers should we be keep and ear out for, who’s floating you boat at the moment?

There is, as always, a lot of great new stuff out there! Some “new” guys we love to play out in the discos are Alejandro Paz, Christian S (and all of Comeme crew!), Richard Rossa, Lemmy Ashton & Kiwi (both from London), Yaaman is doing some great stuff, Alkalino, Club 303, Auxiliary the Masterfader, Josh Caffe, Future Feelings etc These guys have probably been doing their thing for a while but they are names that deserves recognition. There are tons more… always!

HBF: What’s the best gig/show you’ve been to?

David: Cutty Ranks at Plastic People, London in 2001,

Joe: Rapture in NYC in 2002 just when they blew up.

HBF: If you studio was on fire, and you could go back and save one thing what would it by and why?

Our extremely fine & vast collection of chilli sauces we’ve collected on our travels over the years. It’s so hot it could actually start a fire by itself.


Lancelot – Thinking Of You feat Whyte Fang (instrumental) (Nervous)
Labtracks – Short Circuit feat Villanova (Kiez Beats)
Sleaz – Beautiful feat Villanova (De Note Records)
Alejandro Paz – El House (Comeme)
Reflex – Together (Punks Jump Up remix) (Continental)
Kiwi – Llama (Deep Shit)
Remain & Populette – Discomfort (Meant)
Amine Edge – My Girl (Mr. Nice Guy)
Jobe – The Jam (Sleazy Deep)
Martijn Ten Velden – Shake Your (Papagaio Records)
Capracara & Latrece – Touch (Comeme)
Bashtone – Flirt Orange (Yaaman remix) (Kiez Beats)
WD2N – Get Up On Your Feet (Sex Panda)
Piemont – Panic Room (The Factoria)
S’Express – Hey Music Lover (??? remix)
Marco Darko – Feel This Way (Nasty Funk)
Aendo – So Bad feat ARomanceJunkie (Marco Darko remix) (Plano B)
Prins Thomas – Monte Baldo (Hell Yeah Recordings)

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.