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Stream Lane 8’s Funky Remix of Le Youth’s ‘C O O L’

You’ve never heard Lane 8 like this before. Well, let me retract that statement. You haven’t heard Lane 8 like this in quite a while. The San Franciscan producer has been recently making a noticeable splash in the deep end of the house music sound spectrum. However, for his most recent remix, he’s served up a hearty serving of summer themed funk music.

The remix is for Le Youth’s ‘C O O L’ EP. Out today via Ultra/Sony UK. The original track, now at almost a quarter of a million Soundcloud plays, was also a bit of summer fun. The majority of the remixes to date have had more of a tropical house flavor, just like the original. Lane 8’s is the first time we get something more funky.

Lane 8 executes this side of his production very well. Incorporating a lot of springy guitar licks and soft background piano sounds. The middle of the track has a nice bass solo, accompanied by tight percussive elements. The end of this track is where things really start to get interesting though. At about 3:50, Lane 8 takes the cake in this remix EP with one of the most replay-able thirty seconds of synth solo that we’ve heard to date.