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‘Close Encounter’ is the the forth EP from Swiss disco producer Worship, and has just been released by the good folks at Barcelona-based Holographic People.

It’s clear Worship wears his influence on his sleeve, which range from Abba to Frank Zappa, as ‘Close Encounters’ is cosmic jouney of unrelenting happy disco – I mean this is so happy it could be used to treat depressed people.

Having already had releases on France label On the Fruit Records and Holographic People, Worship is winning over the likes of Steve Moore, Drop out Orchestra, Goldroom and Zimmer with his overly optimistic disposition.

Check out the entire EP below, as well as the Auxiliary tha Masterfader Electric Disco remix.

Beside the digital release on the 15th of May, Holographic People has joined forces with Ricoché in order to offer a limited edition of 50 cassettes. The tapes will be on sale from the 10th of May via ricoche.bandcamp.com . The cassette comes with two exclusive tracks, two badges, all made with love for the music and access to a digital copy of the EP as well.



Andrew Rafter

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