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Swedish disco dons Drop Out Orchestra have just released a new six track EP, ‘The Power of Music’, via the Filed Under Disco imprint. The EP consists entirely of original tracks that are considered by the duo to be “amongst their very best”.

In an age where the term “Nu Disco” is thrown around way too much, Drop Out Orchestra have crafted music that can truly be labeled new disco, complimented by their use of live bass, horns, strings, and drums with just enough electronic influence to give it that modern day disco touch.

The EP could almost serve as the musical narrative for a day in the life of a disco fanatic. Two tracks off the release, ‘Blue Train’ and ‘Day Vague’, are undeniably meant for the daytime. ‘Day Vague’ opens the EP with a meandering acoustics, funk-laden bass, and a high pitched string section that highlight’s the duos ability to transform a day into a dancefloor.

The quick percussion and synth work of ‘Made Fists’, makes for a track that seems to be more of a transitional period than anything else. Especially, because it’s followed by the uplifting and celebratory ‘Red Beans’ and ‘The National Theatre’. Two songs that could very easily accompany the celebration of an upcoming night out.

‘Trees, Grass, and Stones’ serves as the grand finale. They use a combination of expressive horns and cowbells to piece together a track that belongs at the end of a night. Although there are some partially simplistic segments during the track, it’s still a worthy track to close out the release.

“The Power of Music” is ultimately here to prove two things. One, that the more traditional form of “Nu Disco” is alive and well. And two, that regardless of the current state of mainstream “EDM”, we shouldn’t give up on Swedish producers just yet.

Buy it here.

Written by Sam Schoonover.

Sam Schoonover

is the Founder of WallflowerFood.com, a playlist based music blog where artists write about their own music. After a number of extended love affairs with various types of music, he finally found the magic somewhere between disco, indie dance, and live electronica. He's passionate about music technology and putting together events. He enjoys being that guy who walks around on the boardwalk with mobile speakers.