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Alan Braxe is giving away his new EP ‘One More Chance’  and to us, it sounds striking similar to Alex Gopher’s recent single, in that it’s retro, slow, poignant and is led by vocals – from Parisian band The Spimes – which at times sound a bit like a transvestite Enya tribute act.

Thankfully, Twitter’s arch enemy, Lifelike, sets his remix against a reassuringly familiar 4/4 beat, he then begins to cut and slice the vocal against warm synths and some pretty poor scratching – not cool – but once the main drive hits again they become an insignificance.

And then finally we’ve got Memory Tapes, who actually do a very good job of making the vocalists actually sound like Enya. Very much the dark-horse of the bunch.

Grab the whole EP here: www.scionav.com/alanbraxe

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.