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Those crazy disco dudes Fare Soldi are going back to America for a massive tour and they are coming with new disco bombs in their luggage from their new EP ‘Bullygans’ out on Riotmakers September 22.

First up, we have the banger of the bunch ‘Buchi Night’ it immediately sets up shop at 320 bangor lane and is a fusion of disco happiness and banging electro beats. It’s not normal the sound we’d expect from Fare Soldi – but we really like it – Fare Soldi meets Reset! if you must pigeon-hole.

Buchi Nights by FARE SOLDI

To finish is ‘Vittorino’ a more euphoric take on the frico disco aesthetic – it’s full of happy synths, chatty claps and meaty kicks.

Vittorino by FARE SOLDI

Both are out September 22 and don’t forget to check them out in a town or city stateside soon.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.