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Royal Sapien is New York graphic designer, DJ and producer. He got in contact to tell us the he had been making a mix for the last 5 months that had 300 tracks and was only a hour long – to put it in perspective our last mix was 17 tracks in 1 hour. This is somehow 300.

We immediately thought anyone who has spent this amount of time is truly devoted and is worth a listen – what we weren’t expecting was a mix full of hundreds of layers of tracks stack up seamlessly to deliver a mesmerizing, all-encompassing hour-long composition that spans ambient to drum’n’bass. Delving deep into record crates and cd wallets for 300 choice nuggest of electronic goodness.

The mix has already been played in full on John ‘Digger’ Digweed’s radio show and is definetley worth a download if your looking for textured meander down memory lane.

He has created a mix that crams 300 tracks into a 60 minutes mix that will take you on a ride of emotions and textures of electronic music; from the balmy chords of Trentemoller, the exhilarating synths of Hybrid and slow groans of Thom Yorke.

Similar in a way to 2 Many DJ’s intro mix, from a few years back, it has been perfectly arranged with key mixes all over the show – it’s a complex tapestry but it’s so engaging and cleverly thought out.

Alongside the mix he has also created a 15 minute animation to go with the intro and is well worth a watch.

Royal Sapien – STACKED | FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by royalsapien

Download here.



Andrew Rafter

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