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Fare Soldi have been building up to something special for quite a while and there something special is their ‘Casotto’ EP. It must be difficult to live in a country where people like Marco Carola are so revered. Fare Soldi’s sound is very much an anti minimal tech tonic, if you hate boring techno – why not come have a frico disco party.

If you can leave your techno snobbery at the club door there’s lots to like about the ‘Casotto’ EP. The opening single ‘Casa Forte,’ marries upbeat disco beats with some catchy string synths to make a track that will just make you want to dance with a smile on your face.

Fare Soldi – Cassa Forte by FARE SOLDI

‘Party Posse,’ which is a freebie, is a tongue and cheek electro house number with vocals from Mothers of Charleston,  it’s hard to take it too seriously, but once again shows that dance music can be fun.

Fare Soldi ft. Mothers of Charleston – Party Posse by FARE SOLDI

Download here.

‘Volluto’ takes the whole package up a notch with a really good cut-up jazz-infused piece of French touch house, it’s almost as if someone took some Mr Scruff put it in a computer, messed around with it and out popped ‘Volluto,’ definitely a stand-out track.

Fare Soldi – Volluto by FARE SOLDI

‘All you need is LOL’ treads similar ground to ‘Volluto’ plenty of fun to be had, the cheesy vocal just adds to the fun, throw in some clever programming and it really is Frico Disco time.

Fare Soldi – All you need is LOL by FARE SOLDI

If we were going to compare Fare Soldi to an artist were already familiar with it would be Rex The Dog, but a disco dog version, everything is just so happy and care free. It never takes itself too seriously, take note techno dudes, and it makes you smile. Which is what music is all about, it should make you happy.

The final track ‘Sabbadoro’ and is our favourite, everything just comes together, amazing programming, sharp snappy beats, and a hook that just gets you tapping to the beat, before you know your dancing and your worries just melt away.

Fare Soldi – Sabbiadoro by FARE SOLDI

Yes is might not to termed as cool by many pretentious electronic fans, but that’s not what Fare Soldi are about, we’ll leave that the pretentious techno bobbins to other DJ’s, Fare Soldi are all about having fun and that’s why we love it. It’s fun.

HBF Rating 8/10

Out 19/04/11 on Riotmaker Records,
Buy it on iTunes, Beatport or whatever digital dealer!

Now for the amazing interview, this is the funniest interview we’ve ever had on HBF and we hope we got more like it.

If you could save Reset! Or Crookers from a burning club who would you choose ? And why?

This is unfair because they’re both djs we like. We choose the guys from Reset! but just because we can see Phra of Crookers doing some kind of superhero stuff, so we are sure that he doesn’t need our help to save him, But, we opt to save a hundred ill children, a old lady and a cat from the burning club.


Ferrari Or Lamborghini ?

Big cars are for guys with small dicks.
Or for small guys with smaller dicks.
Or for very wealthy dicks that can drive cars.
We’ve never seen a penis driving a Benz.
But we know a guy who once saw one doing it.


Berlusconi: Loser or Legend?

Possibly the worst person in the world after Hitler. Even worse with his haircut.


If you were invited to play music at one of Berlusconi’s ‘Bunga Bunga’ parties what would you play?

We think on that occasion the promoter could only be Satan himself.


Pizza or Pasta?

We already have Pasta in Fare Soldi, so we’ll have pizza tonight.


Have you ever been arrested? And if so for what ?

No, but we help the police solve puzzling cases very often, between a gig and a remix.


What’s the coolest thing in your house?

We own the dwarf from the Lord of The Rings movie, he’s in our basement. He’s a funny guy, even if he’s always asking us to let him go.


What’s the worst job you have ever had ?

Many years ago we played in a Milli Vanilli tribute band.
After 3 gigs, we quit.
The world was not ready for that..
But now the moment has finally come.



If your studio was on fire, and you could only save only one thing what would it be ? And why ?

Certainly our medals for being LEGO County Champions in 1986.


What did you want to be when you grew up ?

We’d like to be like who we are now, but 50 feet taller and possibly made of solid gold.


Best place for breakfast in you local town or city ?

Luka doesn’t have breakfast in the morning, while Pasta’s meal is based on blaming Luka for that, with milk poured on it.


Favourite Italian swear-word?

We’re well educated guys, we don’t say that kind of things. When we are very angry, we write those words on little pieces of paper, put them in bottles, and throw them in the sea.


What do you collect apart from records?

Lately we’re very involved in collecting combs formerly owned by 70s and 80s popstars.
You’d never guess what interesting life the Jon Bon Jovi one had.



Name three fellow Italian artist’s that our readers should go check out?

Broke One is a young talented guy. Cecile is another young talented one, even if he looks much older than Broke One. We’re not used to remembering producers’ names if they look older than Cecile.

So we have to stop this answer here.


Who’s your all-time musical hero and why?

It’s impossible to only say one name.
By now, our lawyers are involved in working on legal actions against us from at least 18 of our musical heroes, their families and (that’s a little bit odd) their gardeners.

If you could remix any song from history what would you choose and why ?

We WILL remix any song from history. That is the plan. We simply started with Stevie Wonder just because nobody could be so rude and cruel to say no to Stevie.


Who would you rather sleep with? The guy from Die Antwoord, or Lindsey Lohan after she’s been dead for 6 hours? Via Attack Yourself Rules: Missionary, and you have to look them in the eye, no closing your eyes and pretending it’s someone else.


We remember clearly that we asked for 2 single-bed rooms.
We’d like to talk to the guy at the reception who answered the phone yesterday morning.
Right now.
Or call us the hotel manager, please.


If you were a duo of mice wearing hats, what type and color hats would they wear? (Via Bitfunk)


We’re very sad to see that Bitfunk hasn’t won his struggle fighting against addiction from heavy hallucinogenic drugs.
Don’t give up, Bit, we’re always thinking of you.

What would your ideal date with Justin Faust be like?

Maybe in Seinfeld’s apartment, playing that slap bass theme non stop, for hours.

5 Words describe your sound ?



Explain Your name?


Fare= to make
Soldi= money
Luka= Luka
Pasta= a kind of complex carbohydrate



Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.