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After hitting the number one spot for for their remix of Mike Snow’s “Black And Blue” Napt have taken Daft Punk’s “Too Far” to the surgeons table and they’ve made the funky little number into a dance-floor bomb.

If you havent heard of Napt before, here’s a quick catchup – NAPT, aka Ashley Pope and Tomek Naden, are a multi-award winning British electronic dance music production and DJ duo whose popularity has rocketed in the last 2 years.

They apparently make the self coined N-Funk sound, which is a heady concoction of breakbeat, electro and house spawned from the UK underground and informed by a keen ear for the tasteful end of the commercial spectrum.

They done the track to celebrate their new residency at Juice, which being held at The Gramaphone, in the heart of London’s cool-topia Shoreditch, Friday September 24th.

Watch out for NAPT’s forthcoming single “Emotion”, out on Funkatech records later this year with remixes from DnB heroes Brookes Brothers and house stars Reset!”

Daft Punk “Too Long” (NAPT remix) – free download by NAPT

And in case you missed the Mike Snow track grab it here too.

NAPT remix Miike Snow “Black And Blue” – Juice 24.09.10 by NAPT

Andrew Rafter

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