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French dude Deluce, aka Younes Dolle, is a name you should probably remember, this Parisian makes dreamy, space-age electro, and has sent over a load of tracks for us to listen and keep. We automatically fell head-over-heals with his nostalgic, spacey electro – it’s big, full of quirky synths, charm, and just makes you want to dance – all without taking its self too seriously. We love it.

And we love it even more because the man himself said we could give away a load of his tracks, which is what were all about.

First up we have, “Lionheart” a remix done by fellow frenchies KOLT13 – it’s a lovely filtered French electro stomper.  Grab it for free and go nuts.

Deluce – Lionheart (KOLT13 Remix)


Grab it here.

Next we have “Runaway” a fab slab of electro, nice big room sound with some lovely summer moog action.

We loved “Ultime” a happy-go-lucky piece of synth driven disco.

Deluce – Runaway


Grab for free here.

Runaway by Deluce

He’s quite clearly got his own style and we applaud him for this – he has so many great tracks on his Soundcloud it’s worth you popping over there and have a real good listen.

And to finish of, we have chosen “Orchestra Constellations” the intro to this track is amazing, just the sort of Daft Punk inspired electro we love.  Will try and get a download link for you.

Orchestra’s Constellations by Deluce

All of his work reminds us some of Kavinsky’s and Danger’s music, but way less intense. Also check out “Beyond the galaxy”, “Lead The Galaxy” and “Shamrock” on his myspace if you need more of spacey Deluce fix.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.