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Daruis is a French House producer that has stayed true to his genre; his tracks come with deep and thumping bass-lines, space disco synths, funky hooks and mixes them all together to make the perfect French filtered house. His tracks feature some excellent lyrics and stays true to French House by constantly cutting them off and slightly phasing them out.

Once In A While by Darius *

He also does some banging stuff too – he certainly has soaked up everything Paris has to offer. The spiritual successor of DP, Cassius, Fred Falke? Only time will tell, but his productions sound bloody brilliant.

Hoverboard by Darius *

And because it French House you’ve got to have a tracks that employs the key trademark filtering and “Scarlett” does this just perfectly.

Scarlett by Darius *

And last but not least we have his new track “Road Trip” – a sublime piece of french disco electro – everything that is good about this genre captured in 5 minutes.

Road Trip by Darius *

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.