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Record Makers’ Acid Washed are a French duo that have all the very best hook-ups. Just browsing the remixes, you know immediately that you’re in for treat. With remixes from The Hacker, Mickey Moonlight, DANGER, Daniel Haaksman, Digikid84, Lazy Flow, Jungle Fiction and Stuff.

Acid Washed by Acid Washed

This is a piece of epic, nostalgic disco, and proudly so too. And with a plethora of remixes is well worth your attention.

We haven’t seen or heard from Danger for while, the dark horse of underground French electro, then we found out about Acid Washed, who have a EP called Acid Washed, as we looked at the list of remixes we see the name that sends a little shiver down our spine. Could it be? The elusive Danger? A man so caught in his own imagination – it boarders the psychotic. But aren’t the very best a little bit mad? Judge for yourself.

“Acid Washed” Danger’s Remix by Acid Washed

The Stuff remix is a real treat, a piece of dark, techy, spacey disco. A stunning track in itself and as part of this EP – it stands Acid Washed out from the hoy-poloy of every day electronic music.

Acid Washed (Stuff Remix) by Acid Washed

Notable other cuts come via Ed Banger’s Mickey Moonlight, who has taken sometime out from his own album. The Hacker, who makes minimal adjustments for maximum impact.

We have a real treat for you, we have been given permission to giveaway the DANGER remix as a free gift – sale of the century !

Acid Washed (Danger Remix)


Grab it for free here.

1. Acid Washed
2- Acid Washed (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
3- Acid Washed (Digikid 84 Remix)
4- Acid Washed (Danger Remix)
5- Acid Washed ( Mickey Moonlight Remix)
6- Acid Washed ( The Hacker Remix)
7- Acid Washed (Lazy Flow Remix)*
8- Acid Washed (Jungle Fiction Remix)
9- Acid Washed (Stuff Remix) *
* digital only

Andrew Rafter

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