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Röyksopp are almost ready to release their new album and they have made a rather strange video which previews some of the new tracks from Senior which is out 13 September.

It’s a montage of some form of retirement home all through the eye’s of Roksopp, very strange indeed.

They told us: “We had a vision, and in this vision we saw ourselves as a sleeping hobo and an old man respectively. The following is a vivid depiction of some of the events that occurred during an intended stay in Barbieland. And remember, It’s a true story….”. Yeah okay guy’s we believe you.

Track list from video:
…and The Forest Began To Sing
Coming Home
The Alcoholic
The Drug
Senior Living
Forsaken Cowboy

Whatever it is, it does sound good.

Senior is out 13 September.

We have some soundcloud’s for you to sink your teeth into. First up, The Drug, a sublime slice of electronic music. According to guys it’s “This highly synthetic drug is the latest craze. Gentle and appealing at first. Repeated use will result in severe personality distortion. Hear that little sound in your head? That ever decaying little “melody”? ..That’s your mind going…

The Drug by Röyksopp

And finally, This Space. And here’s what they have to say about it. “We have swum out of the mire to present you with a ‘farewell to summer’ tune. It is a melancholic mash-up of sorts, using elements from a few sources, with the track ‘This Space’, by the excellent Woolfy vs. Projections as the starting point. As usual, we have gone on a complete journey with this, and think we have come up with a perfect late summer cinematic – we hope you agree!

This Space by Röyksopp

Andrew Rafter

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