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What can you achieve in just six months ? Well America duo Microfilm aka Matt and Matt managed, within the first six months of their 4-year existance, to get an appearance on Radio 1, remixed Ladytron, and wrote and recorded their debut album.

They even got that mob from Pitchfork drooling at the mouth by likening their sound to being swathed in the electronic blips of the not-so-distant future. We don’t like Pitchfork. But they were exactly on the money.

Their now back with a double CD compilation divided into two types of CD. First you get I am Curious; a collection of tracks that spans their four year existence including all their major tracks. We really like the first CD a fine blend of off-key electronic music, no genre necessary.

Then the second CD is, I Am Rewired, is a collection of the remixes from Microfilm’s singles as well as some new morsels of music made especially for this anthology.

We gave this CD a chance and were pleasantly surprised, if was hard for us to categorise the music and the makers, but that ended up adding to surprise and it’s all woven together with a flair for understanding all types of electronic music. It all there, House, Electronica, techno all brought together and it ending up sounding very cool. Some much depth and texture – something we weren’t expecting from a unknown American duo. It’s as if their not part of some clique scene and are just content making what they want to make.

We can’t come up with enough superlatives to describe Mircofilm. We know electronic music, and we think this in places is truly breathe-taking and well worth a punt.

Chicago by Microfilm

Disco Demolition Derby (Partying Slippers mix) by Microfilm




Andrew Rafter

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