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Blak Nite is someone you should keep an eye out for, from Leicester, he’s the purveyor of some almighty production skills, his sound is very much from the SebastiAn school of hard electro – with stabs of Dubstep grime layered throughout. Throw in some jittering beats. And it has sebastiAn all over. But dare I say it ? Better. Maybe.

We don’t know much about him, but has he produced a rather glum looking video as a teaser with the Film Collective. Which just so happens to be a perfect match for his sound.

We’ve got a few previews for you to be blasted with – warning this is not for the faint hearted – please handle with care.

Hyde by Blak Nite

We’ve just listened to his EP and is bloody brilliant – perfect sound for a dirty warehouse setting. Quite often we get “Bangerz” , but they lack a certain something – noises brought together, without much planning or thought. Blak Nite doesn’t suffer from this “anything goes mentality”. Yes it’s messy, glitchy, and intense. But it all comes together in such an impressive way – you can’t help but be blown away.

This is a prime example and it’s a remix too. And you can download it for free.

Judith Priest (Blak Nite Remix) by Blak Nite

The EP is going to be out in October – and you should probably buy it as you don’t often get music that breaks so many rules as Blak Nite.

We think that SebastiAn might need to watch out as the Blak Nite has been let loose.

Next up we have “No Respect”, and it has some crazy synths (sounds like something out of War of the Worlds) minus Tom Cruise. This takes it to the next level. Were tipping Blak Nite to a big player over the next year he quite clearly has the talent. It’s just seeping out of this EP, from every orifice.

NO RESPECT by Blak Nite

And if your still not convince that’s fine, but if you want some incredibly well-produced electro, Blak Nite delivers in everyway.

He can DJ too.


Update: We’ve been given permission to giveaway the tracks for free. First up, Hyde 320 Banger.


Download HERE

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.