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Prog God Sasha has just sent over a new track that was the basis of his new V_rtek live show which wowed crowds at last week’s Glastonbury.

Back in 2008 there was one burning question “Who Killed Sparky?” It was an unresolved case to which only one man had the answer. Now all is revealed and Sasha has announced that “SparkyLives”. “SparkyLives” is a brand new track by Sasha that he’s giving away free.

It brings me back to his debut album Airdrawndagger; progressive house and techno, genetically engineered with scientific production methods. And SparkyLives walks similar ground but brings it into the next decade.

SparkyLives is so meticulously layered and effect-driven; this is true snap-shot of why Sasha has been ahead of the game for so long. A Beethoven of his generation ? Maybe.

The V_rtek show was meticulously produced by Sasha and visual artists, Picnic Electronic (Alexis, Baillat & Fils] and Immersive (formerly the Pixel Addicts), and is a huge LED masterpiece that syncs with every intricate sound in Sasha’s Ableton and Mavern produced live sets.

He wanted to create a unique and totally spellbinding visual and sonic assault on the senses and has been developing this show over the last 8 months.

To celebrate the fact the show is amazing – we have the V_rtek opening track and a video of his performance.

Sasha – SparkyLives

[podcast]http://www.mediafire.com/file/mjzmvgniing/Sasha — SparkyLives (V_rtek Mix).mp3[/podcast]

Download Here


Andrew Rafter

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