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We were listening to some of our favourite Air tracks today, and then we got an email from newcomer Little Loud, who makes synthtalating (get it ?) music. We were pleasantly surprised.

Now normally we get all sorts of music and we do listen to all of it. Even some whack band from Russia who said they “We’re the next Tatu”, honestly it’s refreshing to get something unknown but really really good.

Little Loud has also completed remixes for Memory Tapes, Au Revoir Simone and HEALTH. We’re not even sure who they are, but it sounds impressive enough.

Now the tracks reminded of me Royksopp, Air, breakbot and a few others but less european, if that make sense. It’s such a departure to what we normally post but we really like it and  that means you should too. A english version of Breakbot, but influenced by the rain and other depressing things, if you will.

yeasayer – madder red (little loud remix) by littleloud

dancing in the dark by littleloud

memory tapes – bicycle (little loud remix) by littleloud

november by littleloud

health – nice girls (little loud mix) by littleloud

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.