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We’ve had a busy month over at HBF Towers and we’ve been inundated with so much music we can’t keep up so we thought we would round up what the think is the best stuff gathering dust in our inbox.

First up, we have a new remix of the only decent track on the Chemicals Brothers new album, of course it is Swoon – done by Blaze Trip and has been caned by Kissy and others – bit of a banger. And there is a remix of a Kelis track too. Basstastic.

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Blaze Tripp Remix) by Blaze Tripp

Kelis – 22nd Century (Blaze Tripp Remix) by Blaze Tripp

Brazilian electro outfit Pristine Blusters sent over some tracks to listen and were glad he did – looks like South America is the place to be at the moment. First up, is version from a Bernard Wright song from 1981. Sounds very disco, so if you liked Tommie Sunshine remix for Fake Blood’s song, I Think I Like It, you may love their remix as well. Also, theres a remix made in collaboration with a fella called DJ Mulher for Aloe Blacc’s song I Need a Dollar. If you’re into b-more-ish stuff, give-a-listen!

Bernard Wright – Just Chillin’ Out (Pristine Blusters Remix) by Pristine Blusters

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (Pristine Blusters & DJ Mulher ‘Millionaire’ Remix) by Pristine Blusters

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.