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We’re excited at HBF to present you with Pororoca – the debut CD release from critically-acclaimed music technologist, violinist, composer, sound designer and educator Laura Escudé. Based in Los Angeles, Escudé is perhaps the most technically skilled and gifted electronic music artist we’ve seen in a long time – period. Bold statement, yes, but there’s a lot to back it up.

She was L.A.’s first Certified Ableton Trainer, (as well as one of the first in the world) and now personally conducts the West Coast certification events for Ableton. Her innovative approach to music, technology and community has propelled her to do consulting and music work for numerous high-level artists and companies.

Pororoca is crafted with a combination of Ableton Live, foot and hand controllers, Logic, Native Instruments plug ins, field recordings and instruments including Violin (4 string, 5 string and electric) and Cello.

The album is largely electronic in nature but it’s also full of real emotion. Of course, much of this has to do with the fact that this is just not an album of tracks, but rather, a collection where each piece tells a different story.

The title – Pororoca – has double meaning. First, quite literally in connecting with the record it means “tumultuous noise.” Second, Pororoca is the name of the longest “rideable” tidal wave on earth (someone once rode the wave for 38 minutes). The video to the title track was created by multi-media visual artist Scott Pagano; known for collaborating with a wide range of musicians including Speedy J, James Zabiela, Richard Devine, Christopher Willits, Trifonic, Eskmo/Welder, BT, and Michael Jackson. Pagano directed and executed the conception, design, animation, and finishing of the “Pororoca” video for Laura Escudé.

Laura Escudé – Pororoca


Download the title track for free here.

Label: Electronic Creatives

**Release Date: June 15, 2010**


The video is an exploration through a mysterious underwater world inspired by the forms and movement of sea life and micro organisms. Hybrid organic and synthetic creatures undulate and wander through heavy waters in concert with the cinematic soundtrack.

“Pororoca” music video from Laura Escudé on Vimeo.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.