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Foreign Office are a new 4-piece from London that are about to release their first EP, called Leaving The House, it will be release on new label ‘This Playground Records’ on March 29th.

And to celebrate the launch of their debut single, they are have announced that they will be holding a rather exciting remix competition and are giving away the Warrior One remix of ‘Leaving The House’

When you first hear Foreign Office you will no doubt pick up some of their influences ranging from Roxy Music to Hot Chip.

Consisting of vocalist/bassist Paul Cousins, George Hume on lead guitar, Duncan Hillman on keys and last but not least beats come via James Woodley.

Foreign office have nailed the pop hooks; the pleasing vocals and chorus all combine to create a serene piece of indie-pop.

The remix we have is from East End electro heads Warrior One who have crafted a slice of rugged melodic Italo-disco; it starts off sounding like the Crookers, but then it all comes together rather nicely, combining a catchy melody, a pulsing bass and cut-up vocals.

You can download the track from the soundcloud below.



Leaving The House – Warrior One Mix by Foreign Office

Andrew Rafter

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