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Chill-out genius Moby has published a new blog claiming that the politician Sarah Plain could eat babies after she angered him about the morality of eating meat.

It’s common knowledge that Moby is a Vegan and he has now taken issue with the American Politician after she claimed that god would want humanity to eat animals, since they are made of meat. (she’s a clever girl isn’t she).

Outraged Moby immediately published a blog, suggesting that the Alaskan dummy could well indulge in a spot of baby eating – after all it’s all meat isn’t it?

Moby said “Well, Mrs. Palin, let’s look a bit more closely at what you’ve written” the producer wrote on his blog. “You believe that god intended for us to eat animals because they’re made out of meat. ahem. i mean, i’m not a professional logician, but i can see that the extension of your logic might lead you to some places with which you might be uncomfortable. bear with me, ok?”

“The problem, of course, being that other things are also made out of meat. like, well, people. And doggies and kitties. And cute little human babies. So if we follow your logic, Mrs Palin, you are actually suggesting that god intended for us to eat humans and dogs and cats and human babies, as these things are all technically made out of meat.”

Later Moby finished by cheekily writing:

“Perhaps she really does think that we’re intended to eat humans and kittens and babies, as god did make them (aka-us, in some cases) out of meat. I mean, let’s be clear, she’s a crazy sociopath, so anything is possible.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.