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If your not familiar with Hoaxx then you soon will be – they are a live electro duo consisting of Jonny Pathan and James Tarrat that are causing quite a stir with their take on glitchy indie dance music.

We took 5 minutes out of out not very busy schedule to ask some questions to our new favourites ‘Hooaxx’.

What are your names?

Jonny Pathan & James Tarratt

When/how did you meet?

We met in 2003 at a friend’s studio above a carvery, and then started hanging out after that.

When did start making music you were happy with?

We haven’t yet.

Who are you favourite producers/performers at the moment?

Yuksek, Kavinsky, Defunct, Kasabian, Lab Creation, MC Goldenchild, The Noisettes & Shab Ruffcut as a short list!

Who does your art work?

We’ve done the basic stuff ourselves, Logo’s etc. The EP artwork is done by Olly Howe @ www.4playgraphix.com which is sorted out through Dandy Kid Records. We’ve also had artwork done by top Japanese designer HIRO – www.myspace.com/hiro_specialswitch

What instruments does you use when performing?

We use computers, keyboards, synthesizers & controllers

Where does your name come from?

It’s just a random name we came up with, we wanted something with two X’s in it.

What do you have in store for the coming months?

We’re working on remixes for some good names and we’re working on a concept EP – 1 track split into 4 parts which will include a full length vocal track which we’ve never done.

If you didn’t make music what would you be?

Jonny: I would be a print shop joe or a barman/waitress serving cosmpolitans.

James: I would be an office bitch hating every minute of it.

In the future who would you most like to work with

We would love to work with Liam Howlett. We’d like to Remix Kasabian, Daft Punk & Vinnie Jones.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.