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Mustang are tipped to be the next big thing from the same country that gave us the fantastic Compuphonic, Soulwax, Aeroplane, MVSC the list goes on and on – Belgium of course.

Hailing from Brussels and comprising of Renaud aud Deru who is one of Belgium’s hottest talents, he has spent the last 7 years as the energetic Cosy Mozzy and now throwing all of his energy into Mustang.

His partner in crime is Andy Faisca the son of talented guitarist, he begun to collect hardware synthesizers when he was just 13 years old – now 10 years on these machines make the main parts of their songs

So we know that they posses the right genes to make great music and it comes in the form of nu-disco of the Italian variety.

With slow deep melodic percussion layered with disco-synths – it’s just what we need for the cold harsh winters.

We have their September mix that they have sent us via their Sound Cloud – if you have heard of Sound Cloud stop hibernating and get exploring.

You can even download the mix by clicking the arrow on the side player. Amazing.


September 09 Mix 02 by MUSTANG (GOMMA REC)

Andrew Rafter

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