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We’ve totally neglected our Belgium friends Mustang who have been on top form with some stellar remix work for HBF favourite Vitalic, Morcheeba, they have done a EP too Chamelon.

So we are about to remedy this as they deserve some love. Comprising of Renaud aud Deru (Cozzy Mozzy) and Andy Faisca the are residents at Libertine Supersport, a club Erol Alkan said was one of the best in Europe.  And one of them is a member of Fouck Brothers – if our vague memory is correct.

They are every bit as good as Aeroplane and Might Mouse. Make sure you grab some mixes from their Soundcloud – well that what it’s there for – right?

Mustang Mixtape August 2010 by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks

And check out their rather beautiful remix of Morcheeba’s Even Though – amazing stuff.

Morcheeba: Even Though (Mustang Remix) by Mustang Mixtapes & Tracks


Andrew Rafter

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