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Yuksek and French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet combine for stunning ‘Live Alone’ video

Do you know what’s cool? Space. Everything about it is truly beguiling, and the coolest of the cool? Astronauts, of course.

French producer extraordinaire Yukesk is also very cool, too.

So with all that in mind, the idea of a Yuksek music video shot from the International Space Station with the help of the European Space Agency and French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet – who is currently orbiting the world roughly at 17,150 miles per hour (that’s about 5 miles per second) – would be pretty damn cool, right?

Yuksek is so cool he actually calls Pesquet a friend, and the two of them dreamt up the idea for a video for the producer’s new single, ‘Live Alone’, just before Pesquet’s Proxima mission on the International Space Station.

Like almost all of us, Yuksek’s fascination with the outer reaches of Space runs deeps. “I’ve always been in awe of astronauts,” explains the French DJ/producer. “My album was not totally finished when Thomas took off but I loved the thought that that one the first people listening to my record would be doing it from space.”

“We both thought ‘Live Alone’ would be the perfect title to do a video mixing space frames and studio shots and a result we’ve got something totally unique; a music video shot from space with the vision of a cosmonaut listening to my music. I still can’t quite believe it.”

The opportunity to help create the world’s first music video shot from the International Space Station was really appealing to the 37-year-old French astronaut.

“Music makes the world go round, and listening to music as we circle Earth helps me feel connected to home and keeps me motivated,” explains Pesquet.

Told you, space is cool (quite literally – it’s minus 455 degrees Fahrenheit).

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.