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What happens when you mix an appearance by Danny Glover on Arsenio Hall with Mr. Oizo-inspired quirk-synths? You shouldn’t get anything really but in this case it’s hard-hitting electro by the duo known as Shit Japens out of Barcelona.

They’ve crafted something with ‘Fifty Years’ that’s worthy of further inspection. On the surface you get random sample pulls, buzzy synths and the requisite four-on-the-floor. A closer listen reveals an ability to put these all together and create something reminiscent of Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ without all of the ‘club bro’ baggage attached to it. It’s like listening to two clowns in a back-alley fist fight and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

When Danny Glover says he’s getting too old for this shit, he’s clearly not talking about Shit Japens.

Words by Wesley Thomas.

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