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Marquis Hawkes has shared a track from his forthcoming debut album, ‘Social Housing’.

Two years in the making the album is a four-on-the-floor tribute to social housing systems that have given him and his family stability and security.

He thinks social housing is unfairly “viewed negatively and equated with slum estates, broken windows and criminality”.

“I want to show that something positive comes out of such schemes,” explains the producer. “The album ‘Social Housing’ wouldn’t have been possible to produce without the stability and security that social housing has given me and my family.”

‘Fantasy’ hits like a howitzer as Hawkes wears his influences on his sleeve, combining chopped vocals, pulsating arps and shiny hi-hats against a backdrop of disco, soul and funk.

Combine all that with Marquis’ vision, and Alan Oldham’s stunning artwork, and it’s the whole package.

‘Social Housing’ is coming out June 10 via Houndstooth.


1. Ode To A Broken Heart
2. The Landsberger Funk
3. Fantasy
4. Tim’s Keys (feat. Timothy Blake)
5. I’m So Glad feat. Jocelyn Brown (Satisfied Mix)
6. Summery Memory
7. Six Sixty Groove
8. Locked Out
9. Feel The Music
10. Wake Up, Baby!
11. Something In Yr Head
12. Apple Of My Eye feat. Timothy Blake

Andrew Rafter

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