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Having released their excellent album ‘Restriction’ at the beginning of this year, Archive return with the aptly title ‘Unrestrictive’, an album of remixes from the aforementioned release.

We’ve got the first play of British singer-songwriter and electronic pop music artist Clarence Clarity, who delivers a kaleidoscopic remix that blends the warm tones of the original with lashings of technicolour melodies that range from sugary to ethereal.

The full album is made up of a brilliant array of remixes by the likes of Van Rivers, Gaps, Becoming Real, Mermaids, Clarence Clarity and Ulrich Schnauss.

1. Feel It (Isan Belone Belone remix)
2. Restriction (Mermaids remix)
3. Kid Corner (GAPS remix)
4. End Of Our Days (Moon Gangs remix)
5. Third Quarter Storm (Skalpel remix)
6. Half Built Houses (Yours remix)
7. Riding In Squares (Wolfe remix)
8. Ruination (Becoming Real remix)
9. Crushed (David Shaw and The Beat remix)
10. Black And Blue (Ulrich Schnauss remix)
11. Greater Goodbye (Van Rivers remix)
12. Ladders (Clarence Clarity remix)

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.