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Think you’re Daft Punk’s biggest fan? Think again.

Meet Djamel, the world’s biggest Daft Punk fan. He’s the founder of Daftworld, one of the biggest Daft Punk fan sites online and self-described Daft Punk obsessive (aren’t we all?).

Started in 2005, the site is a treasure trove of all things Daft Punk – from rumours to news, sightings to finding long-lost tracks from duo – Djamel has made a hobby out of his insatiable desire to be known as the world’s biggest.

Djamel’s obsession runs deep, he’s spent thousands and thousands acquiring all manner of merchandise, from action figures to an ultra-rare pressing of Darlin’s first single, which was limited to just 1,500 copies – he’s basically got it all.

He’s the subject of a new documentary (above) – from young filmmaker Nicolas Capiaux – where he shares some of his most prized possessions and why he decided to start the fan site back in 2005.

His obsession with Daft Punk has seen him meet them on a couple of occasions, both together and individually. The second time he met Daft Punk was at Radio FG, where he waited outside the station for hours to catch a glimpe of the secretive duo.

Later on, someone from the radio station invited him to sit in on their interview with the duo, and Djamel managed to snag the cans of coke Thomas and Guy-man drank from, which now sit proudly in his personal collection.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.