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It’s 10:30pm on Friday evening, and we’re waiting for a train to Manchester for the 50 Weapons finale at the Warehouse Project. Unsurprisingly the train is late, and with little else to do we check our phone where it’s becoming clear that something awful is unfolding in Paris. At that time, it’s thought that 20-30 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in France’s capital.

'High Together' Siriusmo (Official Site) MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE) live

Posted by Harder Blogger Faster on Sunday, November 15, 2015

An hour later, and running late, we arrive to a rain-swept Manchester ready to send off Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons imprint with a stacked line-up including a headline slot for Modeselektor and Siriusmo, under the name Siriusmodeselektor, who are set to play live. Throughout out the night our attention is, understandably, split between the awful events taking place in Paris and the lasers and chest-thumping bass of room two where Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka are warming up with a well-constructed salvo of chunky techno. The atmosphere is electric, if a little uneasy, as the club bounces in unison as the tag-team duo give the 50 Weapons imprint the send off it deserves.


By 2am the club is suitably warmed up, and it’s time for the Siriusmodeselektor’s headline slot in room 1. Modeselektor are no strangers to playing live, it’s their raison d’etre, but alongside them is Siriusmo, an artist who has openly admitted that he suffers from acute stage fright. In recent months, though, he has begun taking his first steps on stage alongside his close friends Modeselektor who act as a buffer from the intensity of the occasion. Neither Modeselektor or Siriusmo seems nervous, in fact quite the opposite as they welcome the crowd with the Modeselektor air horn and messages written on the screen behind them ranging from “You have been the best audience that we have ever had” to “We’re into Kraftwerk. Not twerk”.


The trio don’t waste any of their time with a intro that blows the crowd’s socks off with Modeselektor’s edit of ‘Wow’ alongside their own track ‘Art & Cash’ before moving into some of Siriusmo’s own tracks, including ‘High Together’ and the face-pummeling ‘Feromonikon’. The sound levels jumped from acceptable to Berlin levels, as the German trio put every last sinew into what will be one of their last 50 Weapon shows, having wowed crowds at Paris’ Concrete the week before (which we attended) and tomorrow night in Amsterdam.

Siriusmodeselektor were straight last night.

Posted by Andrew Rafter on Saturday, November 14, 2015

As their intense live show comes to an end, we make hay for the second room to catch a glimpse of CDJ magician James Zabiela, who is doing what he does best: scratching over techno bombs and working his magic on a piece of equipment that he holds in his hands in front of a techno-hungry crowd. By 4am we make our way home, fully satisfied by our musical endeavours but afraid to check our phones to see how bad the events in Paris have been, and they were even worse that we could have ever imagined: 127 dead and scores seriously injured at a music venue no less. It turns out that everyone at the Warehouse Project had raved in the face of tyranny and we would definitely do it again.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.