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Pacemaker has announced that you can now get their clever mixing app on both iPhone and iWatch.

Launched last year, the free app allows you to seamlessly mix music from your iTunes library and Spotify on your iPad.

It’s not an exact carbon copy of the iPad app, though, due to the limited screen space the iPhone and iWatch version allows you to cue up tracks and it’ll automagicially mix them.

The app also uses Pacemaker’s Match Machine technology that will intelligently re-order your tracks for an optimal mix and listening experience.

We’ve been playing with it all afternoon and it’s very cool, simply select a playlist of tracks and it’ll mix them seamlessly for you – it’s basically like having your own personal DJ butler.

And whilst it does all the heavy lifting you can mess around with the bass, treble and mid-range, and once you get bored of that, you can buy some effects to really jazz-up your mixes.

What you have hear then is hands-free mixing.

Grab it for free from the app store now.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.