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Last night Game of Thrones made its TV comeback with the highly anticipated start of the third series, and not only were there dragons, nipples and medieval bumming, but David Guetta made a surprise cameo appearance alongside Coldplays’s drummer.

This is actually the third famous musician to appear on Thrones in the upcoming season as Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody was cast last summer in a cameo role.

Guetta was suppose to make a fleeting appearance, but David Benioff, the show’s producer, said that the French DJ was so impressive in his role that the producers have decided to give him the role of Orell.

Orell is a wilding raider, a character that raids and pillages the bums of soldiers at Kings Landing, he’s also know “warg” or “skinchanger” with the ability to enter the mind of an animals, musicians, or Dragon slayers to control their actions.

This is how he probably how he managed to persuade Daft Punk to accompany him to Ibiza all those years ago.




Andrew Rafter

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