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*update* Rolling Stone has just gone live with a world exclusive interview with Daft Punk where the duo talk about the secrets of the album and how the collaborations came about.

They also rule out an immediate tour to go alongside the album: “We want to focus everything on the act and excitement of listening to the album. We don’t see a tour as an accessory to an album.” When they do finally hit the road, he added, it will be with a career-encompassing set list, not one overly focused on the new material.

Have you been wondering who styled Daft Punk’s new sparkly look? Well look no further as French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent have confirmed that they are the brains behind the Robot’s new look.

One word: stunning.

Check out a few screen grabs we procured from the YSL site, and then head over to their site to see the full collection of shots.





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