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Two of France’s brightest electronic lights Crayon & Pyramid join forces for a new EP which is out today via Kitsune. You’ll probably all be aware of Pyramid, but Crayon may need an introduction; he’s a 21-year-old producer from Paris, who is also signed to Kitsune, but dabbles in more off-beat electro pop, quite different to Pyramid’s neon-clad electronic vision of the future.

The EP manages to find a middle-ground between the two opposing styles – there’s obviously Crayon’s pop vocals and shiny synths in ‘So Far Gone’ which are then set against moody cinematic soundscapes courtesy of ‘Cosma’. As a reviewer it’s hard to judge collaborative works, we have no idea who did what – but for this EP, it’s pretty obvious who had the vision for each track.

The tag team combines for the playful cut of French disco ‘Utopia’, it’s is a swirling vortex of doughy keys, slap bass and jazzed-up chords.  The two youts then remix each other’s tracks: Pyramid’s effort paints a bleak electronic vision of future, think Skynet let loose on Logic. And to finish you have Crayon remixes Pyramid’s breakout track, the menacing, ‘Wolf’ – rather than going against the grain Lauren Crayon turns the track in a funky, atmospheric piece of disco house.

All-in-all, for a first release on Kitsune, the two whipper-snappers have done themselves proud. These two need to be on your radar.





Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.