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German electro-pop duo Coma are set to release their new album ‘In Technicolor’ via astute German label Kompakt this April, and to celebrate the announcement the label has just unveiled the first single ‘Hoooooray’.

‘Hoooooray’ is a playful piece of abstract pop – featuring cameos from ADA and ROOSEVELT – and showcases the duos new focus on colourful music, with that ridiculously catchy synth riff leading the charge.

Cologne based electro-pop duo explained the shift in direction, “Where our previous releases were kind of mirroring a foggy black and white movie, this is definitely a colour film… our attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music.“.

Sounds like: A happy Trentemoller.

Release info: www.kompakt.fm/releases/hoooooray


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.