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The Plumps DJs have just released their fourth single on their own imprint Grand Hotel, called ‘Hump Rock’ it instills everything that is amazing about the duo. Breaks.

It’s probably the finest release for the duo on their new label and shows there’s still plenty of life in break-beat and its numerous guises.

Today’s offering is straight-up banger territory, Bangerville if you will.  But done in way that only very few DJ’s can achieve – at no point does it become boring, monotonous, or samey. It’s a wild ride of bulging breaks, big drums, soulful vocals and the plumps favourite; punishing synths. When it drops you know that you have checked in to Grand Hotel.

Plump DJs- Hump Rock by Plump Djs

And as a gift the duo are giving away a rather lovely bootleg of Daft Punk’s Tron 2 anthem ‘End Of The Line’ but there’s a catch they will only release it as a free download when it reaches 5,126. Why 5,126? We hear you ask. Well there’s a rumour going around that the duo eat over 2,563 bangers a year just to make sure their 320’s are the best bangers money can buy. Well that’s dedication.

Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson by Plump Djs


Andrew Rafter

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