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We featured NEUS ages ago on HBF, we recently wondered onto his Soundcloud and saw that he has uploaded 4 new tracks – 3 originals and a remix of man-of-the-moment Skrillex and his track “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” – oh and the Skrillex track is some pounding dubstep – but we like dubstep, so there.

Details are shady on when and where you might see these tracks – but we’ll keep you in the loop if we get anything concrete.

First up, we have his Skrillex remix – and we quite like it – but just because it’s so in your face, that is all.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (NEUS Remix) by NEUS

Next up, is “Fuck The Sound” which is exactly what the name entails, one minute it’s electro, then techno, but it builds throughout and the pay-off is well worth all the meandering. We love it .

Fuck The Sound by NEUS

Following on, is “What The Fuck?” a curve ball as the name suggests – another attempt at some french sounding dubstep – we dig the synths as it softens the whole track, that is until it goes a bit mental halfway through.

What The Fuck ? by NEUS

And to finish this tour de force of noisey French electronic music – “L’anchie” is the icing on the cake, a crushed, gabba-drenched electro stomper – throw in a comedy european vocal and you got something, well quite mad.

L’anarchie by NEUS

Grab it for free as it’s half finished.

We weren’t expecting NEUS to go all dubstep, but it just shows the appeal of the new pariah in dance music. We still think that were yet to hear the defining album of the genre – we expect this from Nero.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.