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Ed Banger Records celebrated its seventh birthday a few weeks ago and to celebrate the fact they made seven part mini documentary that Busy P aka Pedro Winter has been releasing on his Gimpbook page.

If you have seen Justeece’s A Cross The Universe DVD, you’ll have some idea what to expect – it chronicles their time on New York as they get ready to play a massive gig featuring 7 of their best artists. In no particular order; Justice, Breakbot, Uffie, Feadz, Busy P, Sebastian, Medhi, Some & Mr flash are all present.

The first epeisode starts in the ususal dramatic manner with Busy P facing the real possibility of not being able to make the Gig due severe weather in New York – but the ED REC 7 grow a pair and make sure they make it.

The Ed Banger Seven (but I counted 8 ?) touched down in New York safely after a flight of producing, sleeping, playing Nintendo and general french tom-foolery. Next we are greeted with OMG crew who just love Ed Banger – and what’s not to like. The Justice boys grab a pre-show hotdog to the sounds of Sebastian. Whilst the rest of the crew gorge themselves on the best of American fat. Classy.

Episode 3 catches the crew as they are about to go to the show and of course they are running late. And the crew realises they are playing at a under-age party ! Only in America. 3100 screaming teen america’s – going crazy to french electro. Jocks not included.

Next up we’re at the venue and Busy is being usual nice french dude – meeting all the crowd – rather sad really, it looked like a wrestling convention. Weird. But you can’t be impressed with how much love they’re getting. All to hip warm-up track Pocket Piano. As one geek says “French house and techno is the best” – what does he know? We are then treated to Uffie – the latest female to join the ED Banger crew.

Next Episode we are treated to some amazing skills from A-Trak who sends the crowd wild – a true master of mixology. But as usual is overshadowed by the bosses of the crosses Justice, who bang out their best tracks with usual flair that Xavier brings to the decks. Just wait until you see him mix in “It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over” by Lenny Kravits standing up.

The Ed Crew go onto the after-party where Sebastian shows how to do a dramatic breakdown; with his seven minute track that never breaks or does it? Let’s hope some of this is on his new album – whenever he can be bothered to finish it. Soon please.

The final episode is made up of the commercial commitments of ED Banger and their new EDnies sponsorship deal – a new trainer they are bringing out with the help of American skater company Etnies. After all Busy P and Breakbot used to skate together.

So Ed Banger are seven years old – we can’t wait to see the film they make for the tenth birthday!


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.